Congrats on an outstanding season and qualifying for the WA State Youth Championship Tournament!  Next steps is to get your team registered for the upcoming tournament.  

Once you get signed up, the Tournament director will be in touch to ensure you have all of the information you need for the upcoming tournament.  Prior to the event, there will be a tournament webinar to discuss the rules, logistics, schedules and answer any questions!

Again, congrats on making it to State!

Tournament FAQs


Your team is going to the State Tournament!!  Congrats on the success that your team has experienced this year!!  

How does it work?  A Coach or Team parent will go in and register the team.  During this process they will invite players to join the team.  Parents will receive an email with a link to fill out all of the info needed for the roster.  Coach or Team Parent does need to pay for the team upfront and can get reimbursed from the players.